2008 - 2010, large format analogue photographs, Photo installation

This work is a collaboration with Tom Marschall.

During the Soccer Chamionships in Vienna in 2008, Tom Marschall and Stephan Richter portayed 2 drug addicts at the Church St. Charles in Vienna. The installation was called "Remember me, spectacle. The soccer event was forgotten quite soon but the Karlsplatz is still a place of drug usage and an area of social conflicts in Vienna.

HEROIKON showed 4 new photographs in the Videogalerie/Künstlerhaus in Vienna that focus on the timeless narrations of heroes and anti-heroes. The works form a contrast to the video work Comeback that returns to the basement garage, where the shooting happened in 2008.

Kindly supported by, Österreich am Ball, Foto Leutner and the Verein Wiener Sozialprojekte



Making of ↓



Concept and Idea:
Tom Marschall & Stephan Richter

Camera & Light:
Xiaosu Han und Andreas Thalhammer (stilfabrik)

Team: Catrin Arming (Set Assistance & Casting), Mischa Guttmann (Post Production / Graphic Design), Thomas Kienberger (Set Photography / Montage Leader / Casting), Seth Stevens (Light), Stefan Vucsina (Middle Format Photography), Günther Tomschitz (Casting Support), Ingo Seefeld (Montage Advicer)